Yoga combines movement and poses (asana) with breath control (pranyama) and meditation techniques.  It promotes concentration, flexibility, strength, endurance and relaxation.

No one is too inflexible or too out of shape for yoga. Everyone can benefit from stretching and strengthening as well as quieting the mind. We have classes that will make you feel good - whether you are a couch potato or a dedicated athlete.

Our classes are designed for adults and mature teens age 13 years and older. The minimum age for Niyama Hot Yoga™ is 15 years.

If you have medical problems or you are pregnant, check with your doctor to see if yoga is right for you.



Breathe, relax and enjoy a peaceful and healing experience! Gentle stretching for all levels of students. Perfect if you are inflexible, injured or in need of a break from the stresses of everyday life.

For newcomers or those who want to work on fundamentals. Learn basic standing and seated poses, focusing on alignment, breathing and relaxation. Learn modification of poses and the use of props.

Basic standing and seated poses are practiced in a flow with sun salutations. More challenging poses are introduced to prepare for inversions and arm balances.

Inversions, arm balances, binds and more advanced backbends are added.

Kick start your day with this all-level class that will leave you energized and focused – ready for whatever the day has in store for you.

A chance to experiment! Refine your alignment and move deeper into your favorite poses. Test drive some new poses to see how they feel. The perfect no-pressure, noncompetitive place to expand your practice.

NIYAMA HOT YOGA™ - 60, 75, and 90 minute classes
This class is done in a room heated to 95-98 degrees and is suitable for first-time students as well as long-time practitioners of yoga. During the first part, a slow warm-up prepares students for a series of standing poses which build in intensity through the internal heat created through breath and the length of the hold of the pose. There is an emphasis on core strength, twisting, standing forward folds and balance.

While the structure of each class is the same, allowing for each student to evaluate their own progress, each Niyama Hot Yoga™ teacher brings an individual and unique perspective to the practice through the use of variations. Modifications help keep students at a level that is comfortable for the individual. Strength, stamina, and flexibility are built as students detoxify through sweating. There are no arm balances, Inversions, push-ups or "down-dog" during this class. After the first part, the focus shifts to front body opening through a series of gentle, chest-expanding back-bends. During the final 15mins, quiet stretching is combined with relaxation breathing techniques to assist in the release of tension and anxiety. The class finishes with a few minutes of complete rest and stillness.

A challenging class to support and nurture all athletes. Focus on single leg balances, strength work and hip and shoulder openers. Emphasis on foot, ankle and knee alignment for stability and health. All non-athletes welcome!

Yin Yoga deeply yet gently stretches and stresses the connective tissues in the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. Postures—mostly seated and reclined—are held passively with muscles relaxed for longer periods of time (3-5 minutes) to create flexibility, mobility in the joints, more efficient energy flow in the body, and to quiet the mind. This calming and balancing practice is a great complement to a more active practice, or for anyone with minor injuries and/or stiff joints.Suitable for all levels--no previous experience necessary.

The room is heated to 80 degrees to promote flexibility, fitness and focus in this all-level class. Forays into new challenges will be explored; Options and modifications are offered to allow everyone to try new poses as well as to move more deeply into the familiar poses. A basic knowledge of Sun Salutations helpful.