Megan Miller

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending
- Maria Robinson

I have been passionate about exercise and healthy living my entire life and have always embraced movement. It was not until I started to practice yoga regularly while my children were young that I began to feel true harmony and balance in body, mind, and spirit. Physically it built strength, flexibility, and freedom. Mentally it cultivated calmness, mindfulness, and peace. To share all of this, I became certified to teach yoga through Ana Forrest’s RYT 200 Hour Teacher’s Training in 2008. Also in 2008, I trained with Mac McHugh to teach Niyama HotTM Yoga , a dynamic sequenced series of poses practiced in a heated room. In March 2012 I completed an additional 200 hours of Anusara Immersions and RYT Teacher’s Training with Kathy Simonik at Pulsation Yoga. I am so grateful and have been tremendously influenced by these life changing experiences. Finding yoga endlessly fascinating, I regularly attend workshops, trainings, and classes to enrich my own practice and teaching.

In my classes, I encourage students to strive to create practices that are strong, safe and aligned … to be guided by their inner wisdom, to nurture their uniqueness, and to be joyful, uplifted, and open hearted on their mats.

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