Kira Maar

I have loved yoga, the yogic community and philosophy, and my mat for years. It was not always like that. I remember my first yoga class, thinking how I would never be able to do anything remotely close to what the other practitioners were doing. A high school soccer player and a horseback rider left my hamstrings and hips tight (and I mean struggling-to-reach-my-shins tight), but as tight and stubborn as they were, they did start to melt by the compassion of a regular practice.

Yoga for me is about being open to love. Love of the community, love of the body, and love of the mind. Standing on my head I slowly began to see the world a little differently and got a new perspective on life. I experienced the thrills of backbends, the grounding in forward folds, and the vulnerability and strength of opening my heart to something bigger than me.

Meditation helped me focus so I could do things with purpose without judging myself if I failed. Consequently I began to accept who I was and even love myself. The journey of yoga and self-discovery had begun.

Many teachers have supported me along the way. I am thrilled to be in Chicago where we are so blessed with plenty of extraordinary, rocking, and astonishing teachers, and I am overjoyed when I get to travel and meet new, fabulous inspirations.

My wish for my teaching is to inspire and empower others to express their greatest potential, because everything exists in that possibility.

I completed 200 hours teacher training in 2008 and I am a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance.

I live with my two children in Glenview, where I coordinate a foreign language program for elementary schools, and where I love to watch foreign films and read books.

My classes are warm and light with emphasis on breath, alignment, physical awareness, and opening of the heart.

To learn more go to www.kiramaaryoga.com


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