Mallory McMunigal

I began yoga at the insistence of a co-worker.

I resisted for a long time thinking that yoga was slow and boring - why waste my time? She wore me down, and I went. Then I went back for more. And more.

About a year into practicing yoga, work took me abroad, and I ended up living in Seoul, South Korea for 3 years. I was far from home, knew next to no one, and was experiencing numerous new and exciting things daily. I needed yoga.

I found a small studio run by a sweet woman that taught all the classes she offered on her weekly schedule, and bonus, she spoke a bit of english. I soon found out that my yoga mat would be one of the few places where the language I spoke (or understood) didn't matter. It was like a little slice of home.

I've always loved a good workout, but team sports is my version of a nightmare. I played some sports in school, but didn't enjoy a minute of it. Instead I'd go to the gym after school to run, lift weights, and take group fitness classes. I was looking for that heart-pumping feeling of giving it your all and the sense of accomplishment that comes with a workout, but was also searching for the growth and sense of community you might find in team sports. I found this in yoga.

I found I could move and challenge my body in ways that I'd never experienced. I could push myself to my edge, whatever it happened to be on that day, and come out of class not only feeling like I'd physically accomplished something, but that mentally, I was ready for the day ahead.

And now, as I reside in Evanston, my practice still feels like a slice of home each and every day.

I completed my 200-hour training with Amy Beth Treciokas at Yoga Now in Chicago and continue to study ashtanga and vinyasa yoga daily.


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