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Wilmette, IL

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July 3rd/4th Holiday Schedule

Friday/Saturday July 1st and 2nd are regular schedules

Sunday, July 3rd:
8:00-9:30am Intermediate with Heather
Basic/Intermediate with Brad (subbing for Missy)
12:30-2:00pm Niyama Hot with Kristin

Monday, July 4th
8:00-9:15am All Levels with Brad
10:00-11:15am Niyama Hot with Heather
Yin with Dorsey

Tuesday, July 5th: Regular Schedule

Karma/Donations for 2016

Niyama will help TWO local non-profit organizations this year: Syd Rocks and Curt's Cafe

The Friday $10, 6:30 Niyama Hot class will now become a Karma/Donation Hot class to benefit Syd Rocks.

June 17th - Brad
June 24th - Kristin
July 1st - Brad
July 8th - Kristin
July 15th - Brad
July 22nd - Kristin
July 29th - Brad

The Saturday 12:45 Karma Vinyasa class will benefit Curt's Cafe, in Evanston.
Click here for more information.

June 18th - Jancy (All Levels Vinyasa)
June 25th - Brad (All Levels Vinyasa)
July 2nd - Theresa
(All Levels Vinyasa)
July 9th - Barb (Gentle)
July 16th - Heather (All Levels Vinyasa)
July 23rd - Aaron (All Levels Vinyasa)
July 39th - Brad (All Levels Vinyasa)